Pap Screening Guidelines

Age less than 21 years--no screening

Age 21-29-- Cytology alone every 3 years

Age 30-65-- One of the following

Age 65 and greater-- No further screening after adequate negative prior      screenings


Although yearly pap screening is no longer recommended, it is still recommended to schedule a yearly well woman exam to ensure comprehensive breast and vaginal health screening is performed

Dr. Tiffany Stadnick, MD Dr. Tiffany Stadnick is an an OB/GYN at North Scottsdale Women's Health. She practices obstetrics and gynecology. She is proud to deliver at Honor Health Shea. She enjoys creating meaningful lifelong relationships with her patients. She believes it is a true honor to deliver babies helping grow families in and around Scottsdale. In addition, she specializes in up to date minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. While not in the office or delivering babies, she enjoys spending time with her two young sons and her husband. She enjoys traveling, exploring the culinary delights both locally and abroad, working out, volunteering, shopping and learning to play golf.

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