Safety of low dose aspirin for Preeclampsia prevention

Preeclampsia Prevention
Did you know that taking a low-dose aspirin during pregnancy can help prevent preeclampsia? 

A recent prospective study was performed looking at neurocognition in children exposed to low-dose aspirin while in utero, compared to those who were not exposed. The incidence of children with low neurodevelopmental scores did not differ between women who took aspirin and did not take aspirin during the pregnancy. This is a great study demonstrating the safety of aspirin use during pregnancy. 


Preeclampsia is a serious condition that can develop during pregnancy and is characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to other organs, like the liver and kidneys. It affects up to 8% of all pregnancies and is a leading cause of maternal and fetal complications.


Doctors now recommend that pregnant women at high risk for preeclampsia take a daily low-dose aspirin (81mg) starting between 12-28 weeks of pregnancy. Studies show this simple intervention can reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia by over 60%.


If you have any risk factors for preeclampsia, such as history of the condition, chronic hypertension, diabetes, or obesity, talk to your doctor about whether a daily aspirin could benefit you. Protecting both you and your baby's health is so important during this special time.


Dr. Mia Mowzoon, MD Dr. Mia Mowzoon is an OB/GYN at North Scottsdale Women's Health. She practices obstetrics and delivers her patients at Honor Health Shea. Known as "Dr Mia" to her patients, she is focused on creating the best possible birthing experience for new mothers. She also specializes in the most up-to-date, minimally invasive surgical techniques. Dr. Mia Mowzoon was born and raised in the valley, and is a true Scottsdale native. When she’s not delivering babies, she enjoys spin classes, hot yoga, hiking, cooking and trying new restaurants.

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